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The Myth of Spot Reduction

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Spot reduction refers to a client who says that they are happy with their body but they want to take off a little from a problem area.  For a woman it is frequently her behind.  She can spot tone and make a certain muscle group firmer and stronger.  However, no one can spot reduce.  For all of us when we gain weight it goes on in a certain order according to your genetic package.  Whatever that order is for you, whenever you lose weight it will always come off in exactly the opposite order.  An individual can gain weight in the order of buttocks, thighs, belly then breasts.  For that person they will always lose it in the breasts first followed by belly, thighs then buttocks.  Therefore if you stop and start a diet and exercise program before you get to your target several times you can completely change your body shape from curvy to a pear or an apple shape. The secret is that when you start a diet and exercise program you have to keep going (without stopping and starting) until you get to the area you want to reduce.   Read more

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Our specialties include:  Soft tissue injuries, Chronic pain, Spine dysfunction/pain, Neck and back pain, Joint replacements, Orthopedics, Scar management, Stroke rehab., Arthritis, Auto accident injuries, Sports injuries.  In addition to treating the current injury, we are dedicated to ensuring the patient does not get reinjured.  We do this by freeing up soft tissue restrictions, eliminating muscle imbalances, educating the patient as to what their diagnosis is (and how it effects them), and how their posture/body mechanics makes a difference.

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Focus Mission Statement

Focus is dedicated to empowering our clients to be their best now and in the future.  This includes patient education, manual therapy, use of modalities, physical exercise, activities of daily living, counseling, therapeutic recreation and screening.

Debbie LaFerney is the clinic manager.  She is a physical therapist, massage therapist, certified aroma therapist, certified reflexologist, and a certified personal trainer.  As former Director of Physical Therapy at Spohn Hospital, Baylor University Center, and the Texas Back Institute, her background covers all aspects of physical therapy.