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Effects of Bedrest

Monday, October 03, 2016

Effects of Bed Rest   Read more

Fall Prevention

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Prevention (they are almost always avoidable)                                                                                By Dr. Debbie LaFerney, PT, DPT  Read more

Dementia Management: How the Caregiver Can Help

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dementia Management: How the Caregiver Can Help                                                                                         By Dr. Debbie LaFerney, PT, DPT  Read more

Why We Need Sleep

Thursday, January 29, 2015
Getting less than 7-8 hrs. sleep/night has been linked to cognitive decline and memory loss.  During sleep parts of your brain are more active than they were during your waking hours.  One system of your brain called the glymphatic system, a subsystem of the lymphatic system, is responsible for cleaning out harmful metabolic waste products, accumulations of soluble proteins and excess fluid.  It's job is to clear out and recycle all of your brain's toxins.  One protein recycled during sleep is involved in making amyloid plaque which is found in Alzheimer's.  During sleep is when the body repairs itself from daily wear and tear.  Insufficient sleep can injure neurons required for alertness and cognition.  Short sleep may also be linked to shrinking brain volume, though it's not clear whether the lack of sleep causes the brain to shrink or whether a smaller brain makes it harder to sleep.  During sleep the brain organizes and stores the content of experiences you had during the day to make memories.  When people start to develop Alzheimer's their brain chemistry is altered (less acetylcholine as the cells that produce it become less effective or fewer in number).  This makes them dream less which effects their ability to organize and create memories.  So lack of sleep may possibly be a contributing factor in Alzheimer's.  Lack of sleep also leads to fatigue, decreased coordination, decreased reaction time and facial discoloration (dark circles) as well as facial swelling (bags under your eyes).  Getting enough sleep makes it easier to think better, move better, last longer and look better.   Read more

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Our specialties include:  Soft tissue injuries, Chronic pain, Spine dysfunction/pain, Neck and back pain, Joint replacements, Orthopedics, Scar management, Stroke rehab., Arthritis, Auto accident injuries, Sports injuries.  In addition to treating the current injury, we are dedicated to ensuring the patient does not get reinjured.  We do this by freeing up soft tissue restrictions, eliminating muscle imbalances, educating the patient as to what their diagnosis is (and how it effects them), and how their posture/body mechanics makes a difference.

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Focus Mission Statement

Focus is dedicated to empowering our clients to be their best now and in the future.  This includes patient education, manual therapy, use of modalities, physical exercise, activities of daily living, counseling, therapeutic recreation and screening.

Debbie LaFerney is the clinic manager.  She is a physical therapist, massage therapist, certified aroma therapist, certified reflexologist, and a certified personal trainer.  As former Director of Physical Therapy at Spohn Hospital, Baylor University Center, and the Texas Back Institute, her background covers all aspects of physical therapy.